Arthur Mountaniol

Arthur Mountaniol on Hollywood Hills,April 12,2011


Arthur Mountaniol is an international rock musician extraordinaire: singer/songwriter, composer, electric guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist, album art designer and filmmaker. A former leader of the progressive rock band "The Moon Pierrot" (1985-1992).

Started his solo career in Hamburg, Germany in 1996, but in 1998 relocated to Hollywood, CA where he became a prolific recording artist who produced an impressive album catalog. Best known for his diverse vocal styles, Asian throat singing, innovative guitar work and visionary style, Arthur Mountaniol has received multiple ASCAP awards from American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

However, to extend his visions, In 2008 he also became an independent filmmaker and won a number of film awards for his music videos and short films.

After 20 years in Los Angeles, he decided to move back to his home town Moscow, Russia where he found new opportunities for his projects.

Official Discography

(1991) The Moon Pierrot 1 - Band

(1992) The Moon Pierrot "Wispers & Shadows" - Band

(1998) "5 Song Debut" - Solo

(2004) "Shamania" - Solo

(2005) "Master of Ecstasy" - Solo

(2008) "Alien in LA" - Solo

(2008) "Tails of the Cloven Hoof" - Solo

(2009) "Ghost Show" - Solo

(2013) "Music of Hell" - Solo

(2014) "Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors" - Solo

(2015) The Moon Pierrot "Illusion" - Band

(2016) "Passmore Drive Session"(Live) - Solo

(2018) "Steampunk Extravaganza Vol.1 - Solo


Selected Filmography

Forbidden Fruit Carnival (2010) - Official Selection for Shockfest of Hollywood

Serpent Street (2014) - Award of Excellence at Queen City Film Festival

Third Eye of The Shaman (2017) - Headline International Film Festival - Honorable Mention Award, Los Angeles Cinefest - Semi-Finalist Award , Queen City Film Festival - Official Selection, North American Film Festival - Nominee

Ballad of the Evil Fate (2018) - Fake Flesh Film Festival - Official Selection

In a Dream of a Muse (2018) - My Love Michelle Film Festival - Official Selection, Sefalu Film Festival (Italy) - Official Selection, Los Angeles Cinefest - Semi-Finalist Award, Jelly Fest - Semi-Finalist Award, San Benedetto (Italy) - Official Selection

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