Album Cover
Steampunk Extravaganza, Vol. 1
Arthur Mountaniol
Released: Apr 12, 2018
Label: The Moon Pierrot Republic
Track Listing
1 Degenerates
2 Funky Time
3 Nevermore
4 Doppelganger
5 Dreamer in the Rainbow

Liner Notes

Steampunk Extravaganza is a conceptual, retro-futuristic, multi-volume work composed with a help of a modern guitar technology such as a looper, synthesizer and other effects. Each volume contains only 5 songs and each song is based only on one riff. However its elaborate music development is achieved by an ingenious, polyphonic guitar orchestration and sound patches recorded over and/or erased in a real time.

All instrumental parts were recorded entirely on the old Tascam Model 80 tape machine and then were transferred into a digital domain where the vocals and the post-production took place.

Neither drums, bass guitar nor keyboards were used.

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