Album Cover
Master of Ecstasy
Arthur Mountaniol
Released: Oct 8, 2005
Label: The Moon Pierrot Republic
Track Listing
1 Shaitan
2 No god to kill for
3 Uluru
4 How
5 Quicksand mama
6 Pest Control
7 Alaska Stowaway
8 Master of Ecstasy
9 Wish I could
10 Astralride

Liner Notes

This is Arthur Mountaniol's 3rd solo album. Released in 2005 on The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA). "Master of Ecstasy" is a work of dark mysticism and demonic vocal invocations with Eastern mythological vibe. It's the music poetry of northern lights that utilizes heavy rock and other styles and things for the expression of the whole concept.


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Arthur Mountaniol: Master of Ecstasy
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Arthur Mountaniol: Street Promotions Guru
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