Album Cover
Ghost Show
Arthur Mountaniol
Released: Jun 13, 2009
Label: The Moon Pierrot Republic
Track Listing
1 Introdin
2 Quicksand Mama
3 Recluse
4 Rabahulle
5 Australia
6 A Shamana
7 Pest Control
8 Shaitan
9 Writing dark
10 Astralride
11 Changeableness
12 Wish I Could

Liner Notes

This is Arthur Mountaniol's 6th solo album. Released in 2009 on The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA). Experience the ultimate trip into "Shamania" & "Master of Ecstasy" like never before!


Ghost Show - Album Review
Arthur Mountaniol: Ghost Show
"Ghost Show" is a very powerful work with a strong supernatural spirit full of innovative guitar and vocal sounds that go beyond any normal limits off to some alien sonic galaxies. [Read More...]
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