Album Cover
Music of Hell
Arthur Mountaniol
Released: Jan 13, 2013
Label: The Moon Pierrot Republic
Track Listing
1 Soundcheck
2 Dead Vinyla
3 Gush
4 Moonrace Karusel
5 Espionage Rollercoaster
6 Stormraiser
7 Freak in, Freak out
8 Purgatory
9 Brainwash Blues
10 Forbidden Fruit Carnival
11 Transcending

Liner Notes

This is Arthur Mountaniol's 7th solo album. Released in 2013 on The Moon Pierrot Republic (USA). WARNING!!! This is Super Abnormal Music that may open up unwanted doors in your subconsciousness. Listen at your own risk. Its creator won't be held responsible if you come to believe that you are Baphomet or Beelzebub, etc.


Music of Hell - Album Review
Music of Hell - Album Review
An ultimate exercise in post-rock degeneration and monstrosity! [Read More...]
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