In a Dream of a Muse - Awards & Official Selections 2018

Arthur Mountaniol's new surreal short film "In a Dream of a Muse" won a Semi-Finalist Award in Los Angeles Cinefest and also was officially accepted in CEFALU Film Festival (Italy) and My Love Michelle Short Film Festival (USA).

IMDb title page:

Third Eye of The Shaman - North American Film Awards Nominee 2017

Arthur Mountaniol's psychedelic rock film "Third Eye of The Shaman" has received official nomination from North American Film Awards Film Festival 2017 for the Best Experimental Film. IMDb title page -

Ballad of the Evil Fate - Official Selection & Nomination

Arthur Mountaniol's new music video "Ballad of the Evil Fate" is an Official Selection for Fake Flesh Film Festival 2017. Nominated for the Best Music Video Award. The official release of the video is scheduled to be in 2018.

Rock Album of the Year

Arthur Mountaniol album "Shamania" was nominated for "Rock Album of the Year" in 2003 by Los Angeles Music Awards. Now it's credited on IMDb. One more sweet moment of the past victories!



Best Guitarist Nomination

Arthur Mountaniol has finally got credited on IMDb for his 2005 "Best Guitarist Nomination" by Rock City News, Los Angeles -

Third Eye of The Shaman is the Jury Prize Nominee for QCFF 2017

Arthur Mountaniol's film "Third Eye of the Shaman" is the Jury Prize Nominee at Queen City Film Festival 2017.

The Premiere of Third Eye of The Shaman!

Arthur Mountaniol's film "Third Eye of The Shaman" will premiere on October 6, 2017 at 9:16pm at Queen City Film Festival 2017 at The Venue at Mezzos, Cumberland, Maryland.

"Third Eye of The Shaman" is Official Selection for QCFF 2017.

Arthur Mountaniol's psychedelic film "Third Eye of The Shaman" has been accepted into Queen City Film Festival 2017 which will take place in Cumberland, Maryland in October 2017.

THIRD EYE of The SHAMAN - HIFF Award Winner


Arthur Mountaniol's film "Third Eye of The Shaman" won an award of "Honorable Mention" at Headline International Film Festival 2016.



Qaxaca Film Festival Endorses "Third Eye of The Shaman"

Major International Film Festival QAXACA (Mexico) has endorsed Arthur Mountaniol's new film "Third Eye of The Shaman".

Serpent Street - Ozark Film Festival Official Selection & Nomination 2016

Arthur Mountaniol's music short "Serpent Street" was officially selected and nominated for the Best Music Video at Ozark Film Festival 2016 and it also was a winner at Queen City Film Festival 2014.

Arthur Mountaniol Received Award of Excellence

Arthur Mountaniol received the award of excellence from The Queen City Film Festival that was held October 2-5, 2014, at the Allegany Museum in Cumberland, Maryland. Of 1,747 submissions received, 61 were selected and screened. Arthur Mountaniol's 8 minute surreal rocky horror comedy music short film "Serpent Street" was a winner in Music Short category.

Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors: 10/21/14

On October 21, 2014, Arthur Mountaniol will release his new album "Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors". This is the ultimate tribute to the 70's Art Rock with a modern twist and all original music written approximately 30 years ago and inspired b...y Genesis, Yes, Gethro Tull, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, ELP, Ritchie Blackmore, Queen, Nazareth, etc. This material also was once in the repertoire of his former band "The Moon Pierrot" (Лунный Пьеро).

Arthur Mountaniol: Kiigdom of Distorted Mirrors
"Serpent Street" has been filmed!

Arthur Mountaniol has just finished filming his new short film/music video "Serpent Street". It's taken 5 months to complete. The trailer will be shown soon and the whole 8 minute film will premiere in October, 2014 along with the release of the artist's new album "Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors".

New Release: Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors


Arthur Mountaniol is going to release his new album "Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors" by Halloween, 2014. This album, which is going to be his 8th U.S. official release, is compiled from his old, but now restored and reimagined in the totally new sound material that he had once been performing in USSR with his Russian legendary prog rock band "The Moon Pierrot" from 1985 to 1988. The musician is currently working on the music video "Serpent Street" to promote this release.

"Whispers & Shadows" Press Release

The Moon Pierrot Releases its 1992 Lost Masterpiece

The Russian Avant-Garde Rock Legend The Moon Pierrot will release its lost album "Whispers & Shadows" on 11/28/2013. This album was recorded in 1992, but has never been released. Look for it on,, iTunes and other online music stores.

New article about The Moon Pierrot & Arthur Mountaniol Published in Russia

Today the new article about The Moon Pierrot and its leader Arthur Mountaniol has been published on the Russian rock portal Reproductor:

Music of Hell is OUT!!!

Today Arthur Mountaniol released his new album “MUSIC of HELL”. This work s something that goes beyond any normal music and even outdoes his previous works with its horrible infernal sound, insane creativity, weirdness, grotesque and lots of other ingenious things not heard anywhere else. Be careful, this music can seriously turn your brain upside down.


MUSIC of HELL is Coming!

Arthur Mountaniol's new album "MUSIC OF HELL" is out 01/13/13. Be Warned: SUPER ABNORMAL MIND BENDING EXPERIENCE!!! 

Arthur Mountaniol Music on Radio!

Arthur Mountaniol Music is on Radio now. Check it out and become a fan, if you really dig it. Your support is highly appreciated. Arthur Mountaniol is known for breaking the boundaries of conventional rock music and his unique visionary style that incorporates an innovative guitar work, multi-voiced throat singing and obscure themes that might sound weird yet extemely exciting. Please help spread the word about this unique music experience.

Forbidden Fruit Carnival - Shockfest 2010 Official Selection & Nomination.

"Forbidden Fruit Carnival" was Arthur Mountaniol's first short film that became an Official Selection for Shockfest Film Festival 2010 and was nominated for the Festval Award. It premiered on November 12th at The Charlie Chaplin Theater (Raleigh Studios Hollywood).

Forbidden Fruit Carnival - Poster

Shockfest Program

Shockfest Program




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