Wish I Could - Music Video Review
A little, metaphysical phantasm! [Read More...]
The Moon Pierrot: Illusion - CD Review
Grandiose! [Read More...]
Third Eye of The Shaman - Film Review
Otherworldly and highly original, "Third Eye of The Shaman" is an extraordinary film that will blow your mind!
[Read More...]
5 Song Debut - CD Review
A very impressive solo debut EP! [Read More...]
Alien in LA - Album Review
A hard rock tour de force with a twist! [Read More...]
Serpent Street - Music Video Review
Serpent Street is a surreal rocky horror crazy wild ride! [Read More...]
Music of Hell - Album Review
An ultimate exercise in post-rock degeneration and monstrosity! [Read More...]
Shamania - CD Review
A groundbreaking work of an undiscovered genius! [Read More...]
Master of Ecstasy - CD Review
Like unsealing hell from a thousand year old bottle. [Read More...]
Ghost Show - Album Review
"Ghost Show" is a very powerful work with a strong supernatural spirit full of innovative guitar and vocal sounds that go beyond any normal limits off to some alien sonic galaxies.

[Read More...]
Tails of the Cloven Hoof - Album Review
Weird Celtic Rock! [Read More...]
THIRD EYE of The SHAMAN - Qaxaca Filmfest Review
“ A strange yet fascinating visual journey aiming to convey a shamanic trance ” [Read More...]
The Interview with the director of "Serpent Street"- Arthur Mountaniol
Film Buzz had the opportunity to interview the director Arthur Mountaniol to get an inside look at “Serpent Street”.
Arthur Mountaniol's Serpent Street Announced as The Winner
Arthur Mountaniol's music video "Serpent Street" Announced as The Winner at Queen City Film Festival 2014 in Music Short category. [Read More...]
Arthur Mountaniol's music video "Serpent Street" Official Selection
Arthur Mountaniol's music video "Serpent Street" has been accepted to the Queen City Film Festival 2014. [Read More...]
Arthur Mountaniol: Street Promotions Guru
Hollywood Walk of Fame Promotionall Experiment. [Read More...]
Arthur Mountaniol: Best Guitarist Nomination
In 2005, Arthur Mountaniol has been nominated for Best Guitar Player. [Read More...]
Arthur Mountaniol signs with The Moon Pierrot Republic
In 2004, Arthur Mountaniol signed a record deal with The Moon Pierrot Republic. [Read More...]
Shamania - CD Review
Through all of it, Arthur Mountaniol's unique vision shines through.
This is the musc like you've never heard before. [Read More...]
Arthur Mountaniol: Live Review - Music Connection Magazine
"Like an acid flashback,Arthur Mountaniol is hard to believe and impossible to characterize.He's either a Martian or a mad maestro who got the courage to go where no man has gone before.This artist is a bonafide original." [Read More...]
Arthur Mountaniol: Live Review - Sunset Strip Radio
By the end of his set, it was clear that Arthur Mountaniol is ether a genius or completely insane. Or, perhaps, he is a completely insane genius !!!
[Read More...]
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