The Moon Pierrot: Illusion - CD Review
Grandiose! [Read More...]
5 Song Debut - CD Review
A very impressive solo debut EP! [Read More...]
Alien in LA - Album Review
A hard rock tour de force with a twist! [Read More...]
Music of Hell - Album Review
An ultimate exercise in post-rock degeneration and monstrosity! [Read More...]
Shamania - CD Review
A groundbreaking work of an undiscovered genius! [Read More...]
Master of Ecstasy - CD Review
Like unsealing hell from a thousand year old bottle. [Read More...]
Ghost Show - Album Review
"Ghost Show" is a very powerful work with a strong supernatural spirit full of innovative guitar and vocal sounds that go beyond any normal limits off to some alien sonic galaxies.

[Read More...]
Tails of the Cloven Hoof - Album Review
Weird Celtic Rock! [Read More...]
Shamania - CD Review
Through all of it, Arthur Mountaniol's unique vision shines through.
This is the musc like you've never heard before. [Read More...]
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