Ghost Show - Album Review

"Ghost Show" is an album compiled with the new reimagined versions of the songs from "Shamania" and "Master of Ecstasy" - Arthur Mountaniol's 2004 and 2005 albums. There's also one instrumental piece, a new heavy version of "Changeableness" from "Whispers & Shadows" 1992 album by The Moon Pierrot - Arthur Mountaniol's former band.

Ghost Show is a very powerful work with a strong supernatural spirit full of innovative guitar and vocal sounds that go beyond any normal limits off to some alien sonic galaxies. Lots of demonic voices, but there's a humor there too.

The guitar work is totally out there and a top-notch. Some of that stuff is really breathtaking and mind-blowing with its furious yet precise execution and elaborate instrumentation. This is an absolutely original, unlike anything else music that is also weird and profound at the same time. But the most important thing is that this is a very good material in terms of music composion. A very talented one indeed.

And one other thing - this is the work made by just one man, not a band, but it sure sounds like one nonetheless. Highly recommended for those who are into psychedelic, progressive, experimental and hard rock.

Benjamin Grant
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