Tails of the Cloven Hoof - Album Review

"Tails of the Cloven Hoof" is an album that will please many fans of Celtic and Folk Rock. A record made with an utter simplicity and beauty. It's very theatrical as well, making you see images from the Medieval and Pagan times.

Very good tunes filled with humor and weirdness in a good way.
Fine instrumentation and guitar work that pretty much remains in the rock tradition, yet once in a while explores a more innovative ways of tweaking new sounds like Scottish pipes in "Goblin's Train" and "Cloven Hoof".

The throat singing in the opening number "Goblins' Train" will grab your attention from a first few seconds. I guess most people would be very surprised even shocked by this vocal technique never heard from any other rock artist.

Just like on his other records, Arthur Mountaniol uses many other vocal styles that his voice is capable of to express his unique vision.

The production is really straight forward, but there's obviously a point here - it unmasks the two most important things - the song itself and the soul of the artist.

Discover this music and you'll enjoy it a lot just like I did.

Benjamin Grant
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