Shamania - CD Review

"Shamania" is a groundbreaking work of an undiscovered genius. One of the most original, trippy, weird and spiritual rock albums ever made. Written, performed and produced solely by Arthur Mountaniol, this work is a strange fusion of rock and ethnic music of Asian, Celtic, Native American and Viking origins.

The main inspiration behind this project is Shamanism. For those who mistake it for Satanism, I have to explain that a shaman is tribal medicine man, a witch doctor and also more widely adopted in literature - a poet, a musician, a visionary, and an ultimate master of ecstasy.

And the main active ingredient here is a throat singing  - a vocal technique used by some ethnic singers in Asia. It's a low pitched sound that resembles a didgeridoo. And that's what strikes you as super odd when you first listen to the opening track "Recluse".

As you continue, you get more and more mesmerized by the whole experience. The music ranges from hard rock to progressive and psychedelic rock, tribal world music, Celtic and dark blues rock and something that is really hard to define.

This music is very visionary powered by a fine instrumentation and creative guitar work that explores unknown sonic possibilities. Mountaniol also uses a lot of electronic drums and samples and even a bit of a flute.

His voice also demonstrates his tremendous vocal ability to do various things, anything from a throat-singing to rock and wild ethnic utterances.

Some of the songs on the album are sung in a strange language and the rest in English. Lyrics don't necessarily follow the concept of Shamanism, but rather illustrate the mood of the songs. Some of them sound like they were taken out of context, but that's what Surrealism is all about. The musician shows you his subconscious world where things exist in any order, time and space.

Back in the beginning of 2000's Arthur Mountaniol received many rave reviews from Music Connection Magazine, KLOS 95.5 and LA Music Awards, just to name a few. They called him "Insane Genius, Mad Maestro and Salvador Dali of Rock". Yet all of them agreed on one thing that this artist is extremely innovative and a bonafide original.

I highly recommend this album to those who've outgrown the ordinary. This is the music like you've never heard before and will never hear from the others.


Hugo Dinkum
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