Music of Hell - Album Review

"Music of Hell" is an outrageous experimental-rock album. Despite its name, it's insanely grotesque and funny. However it's a serious work of an accomplished master who knows what true artistic freedom is.


Constructed with a surgical precision and accuracy, it's made of the musician's previous material's digitally altered vocal and music samples incorporated into a completely new music.


The album starts with a bunch of lilliputian voices checking a microphone  - "1,2,3...shit, shit, shit...from USSR....Ahhhhhhhhhh".


Throughout this trip you can hear lots of different guttural utterances that sound like outcries of some rural drunken old men.


"Music of Hell" is full of polyrhythm's and contradicting musical parts with the vocals and instruments that seem to exist in their own dimensions. They will either make your brain melt or shake it out. These so-called songs are sung in some demonic language and they seemed to grow out of each other or reprise their own parts unexpectedly elsewhere.


Arthur Mountaniol manages to make it all sound like a parody of his own music. He uses a lot of wild guitar tones with different pitches and effects. His guitar work is highly creative, unique and virtuosic. He also uses electronic sequencers, drums and percussions that sometimes sound like a bunch of cuckoos on drugs. However everything by some miracle seems to work just fine and none of it falls apart even when it all turns into a total digital mayhem.


Of course Hell cannot exist without Devil himself, but don' t worry, there he is, lurking in and out.


If you manage to make it to the end, you will be rewarded with "Transcending" - that's when Hell becomes Heaven and a choir of drunken angels take a stage. A pure head-spinning pleasure!


Finally, I can only say that this album will be appreciated by those who like Frank Zappa's "Thing-Fish" or songs like "Ya Hozna" or those with sufficient intellectual level, sense of humor and willingness to explore something new.


Good Luck!


Hugo Dinkum
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