Serpent Street - Music Video Review



Arthur Mountaniol's "Serpent Street" is a fascinating piece of work. Part music video, part short film with elements of silent and experimental cinema. It offers interesting surreal visuals that go very well with the progressive rock song "Serpent Street" by Arthur Mountaniol as well.


Comical, dramatic and theatrical with the fantasy horror backdrops and decorations, it tells a story of a gentleman walking down the Serpent Street - a mysterious place where he tastes a forbidden fruit and rediscovers himself as a thrill-seeker. Finally it all leads him to a delightful madness.


The director uses a lot of slow and fast motion and visual effects as well as the saturated unnatural colors that help create that special look and mood of the film.


Starting at slow pace and gradually evolving into a crazy wild ride, Serpent Street gives a viewer a multi-dimensional experience like nothing else.


Hugo Dinkum
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