Alien in LA - Album Review


"Alien in LA" is quite an impressive and solid album.Emotionally charged and dramatic with the songs that are hard rock oriented yet pushed to a much higher artistic level by incorporating other music styles like samba, surf, rockabilly, punk jazz and experimental-rock.

The material is undeniably strong. Every song has a quality yet peculiar songwriting, top-notch musicianship and ingenious orchestration.

Arthur Mountaniol delivers a very hot guitar work with a lot of interesting and unexpected licks and together with his expressionist vocal styles, he creates a fiery flow of raw energy with an naked nerve and deep emotion.

The songs vary in their moods and intensity going sometimes to some weird extremes fearlessly breaking the tradition with a black humor, surrealism, fantasy and grotesque in both lyrics and vocal.

The overall sound is a bit muddy which probably is the only flaw. Otherwise this is a fantastic record where tradition meets innovation.

Also check out Arthur Mountaniol: 5 Song Debut (1998)


Hugo Dinkum
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