5 Song Debut - CD Review

"5 Song Debut" is the first solo EP album by Arthur Mountaniol. Made in Germany and Russia and released in the U.S. on the indie record label J-Bird Records in 1998. Full of energy, awesome guitar work and powerful, piercing vocals, it offers an interesting amalgamation of hard rock with some elements of grunge, jazz, rockabilly, a bit of progressive rock and Western ballad. These songs also have explicit and rather odd lyrics with a surreal and experimental edge.

The first track "Olympus" is a fast thrilling piece with a rockabilly vibe and prog rock guitar licks and lyrics that use Greek mythology metaphorically referring to Athens, Olympus, Procrustes and Aesculapius.

"Jailbird" is a powerful yet poignant rocker with electrifying vocals and lead guitar. It tells a dramatic story of a man imprisoned in his own delusions and misconceptions.

"Rutti-Frutti" is a fun rock'n'roll trip about the plant-like creatures and their sexual experiences. A very exciting thing that starts with a sweet and seductive wah wah slide guitar intro.

"Moon Right" is an acoustic ballad with a Western vibe. Bluesy, and moody, this song is intimate and relaxing, sounding especially good in the evening hours.

"Criminal One" is probably the most memorable track that speaks for its name. It's a gangster wild taxi ride with a vampire, a communist and other freaks. A very powerful song indeed with a chunky and edgy guitar and a furious, addictive chorus in the vein of "James Bond" theme.

The overall sound production is excellent.

"5 Song Debut" is a very impressive EP that had launched Arthur Mountaniol's solo career in the U.S.A. where he became a musician extraordinaire who later made many visionary albums of a truly original kind.

Highly recommended!

Also check out "Shamania", "Master of Ecstasy", "Music of Hell" and "Kingdom of Distorted Mirrors".


Hugo Dinkum
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