Third Eye of The Shaman - Film Review

"Third Eye of The Shaman" is an experimental film by progressive rock musician and independent filmmaker Arthur Mountaniol. Psychedelic, mysterious and spiritual, it has some elements of mysticism, metaphysics, symbolism, ritual dancing and singing, poetry and experimental-rock music. It also has a certain connection to Japanese, Chinese and American Indian culture, exploring their relatedness.

This is a story of one man's shamanic journey told from the perspective of his soul separated from his body and stalked by a demon during his visionary quest.

There's an interesting, unorthodox idea at the core of this film, suggesting that defeating evil is not an option, but instead, a very coexistence of both - good and evil in you, is the only way to the universal balance. It loosely refers to the rule of Yin Yang which probably is a main invisible force behind it all.

The film defies any conventional filmmaking and seems to use a more intuitive and subconscious way of building a story.

Slow-paced at first, it develops into an intense spiritual conflict between good and evil. In the first several chapters, the shaman almost never appears on the screen, but you can hear his soul telling you of its out-of-body experiences. There's neither dialogue nor monologue used in the film, but a narration. Time and space don't exist here either. They are totally abstract like in a strange dream. Every chapter will give you something new and unexpected as the story unfolds.

Beautifully and creatively photographed and edited with an artistic touch, using a palette of kaleidoscopic visual effects and saturated colors, this film has a very special look. Its mood though, owes a lot to its amazing soundtrack that mesmerizes you from the very beginning and takes you to the end where it explodes in an ultimate ecstasy.

Other than that, the nature itself, too, seems to play some significant role here. While the ritual ground offers another intriguing and probably the most memorable visual element that looks like an abandoned alien airdrome.

The filmmaker also uses a tribal make-up, strange music instruments and Asian masks. In fact, Oni mask (Japanese demon) was used for the character of "Stalking Demon" and Chinese opera mask and Kabuki wig for the character of "Shaman".

This film also has a lot to do with a cosmic consciousness, transformation, reincarnation and demonism and it will probably leave you shocked, confused and lost in thought.

Arthur Mountaniol offers his own introspective look into this strange, obscure world that he has managed to express in a truly unique way. And of course the most surprising thing is that he has made it all entirely by himself.

Otherworldly and highly original, "Third Eye of The Shaman" is an extraordinary film that will blow your mind. A real trip to experience!


Hugo Dinkum
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