Written by Arthur Mountaniol

I was living my life
With no trouble at hand
When she showed up at my door
From some mystic foreign land
She said she loved not before
And she never had a man
Let me in, I’m not a whore
I just want to be your friend

I was like a tomnstone
With no good word to say
And she made me make some love
To her in some weird way
When I woke up in the morning
She was gone and I was grey
And my house is now haunted
With her presence in the rain

But I kept on living
My life with no regrets
Coz I knew I’d meet another
Lady with good milks and breads
Just don’t leave me brokenhearted
And I’ll give you all that’s men’s
Till I get weak and retarded
Leaning on my toothless fence