Wooden heart

Written by Arthur Mountaniol

There was one man who grew a heart
Of a purest wooden kind
He wanted to be free from love
So he could have a free mind
To go wherever he would wish
To do whatever he’d like
And leave love troubles far behind

To be affected by a sweet emotion
Is no good
Coz stupid love to a woman
Can just drive you in bad mood
Can put your heart in a prison cell
And get it nicely leashed
And all your life would be bewitched

How does it feel to have a wooden heart?
We heard that such a heart can make you smart
Is that a truth that it can stand a true love?

One day he met a girl
With really awesome chemistry
She opened some vulcano curl
In his love cemetery
And he tried so hart to resist
But his wooden heart cracked
He died of love he’s always lacked