Written by Arthur Mountaniol

I’m a pawn, just a one-square-move-at-a-time
Small Mr. Cannon Fodder
And I hate all those dirty fingers take me by
My defenceless top. Ooh murderers!

If I were a bishop, I’d desert
Just cross the chessboard – and white!
My king is a boob, my queen is a whore
Hey knights and rooks, where’s your eyesight?

Oh, the battle’s raging on
Where are my sisters and brothers?
Oh, there’s a special task on me alone –
I’ll be a master of clutteres

My move as short as a dick and twice as a kick You know what I mean?
Feels like my ass on fire
Fuck fingers up there! Man! Loony, moody, doody
I’m not a pawn for hire

My king is a boob, my queen is dead
I’m moving, hope it’s not too late
One more step and I’m a queen, not bad, huh?
Now I’m giving you checkmate!

Hey, you black and white assholes
You’ve killed my sisters and brothers
Hey, I’ve been a pawn with the balls
And used them well in clutters