Castle of Dancing Fools

Written by Arthur Mountaniol

I somehow was thrown by chance
To the castle of dancing fools
Mesmerized by their sick dance
And the castle’s crazy rules

And since then my sleep was broken
By the sound of their fanfares
Day and night they danced invoking
Demons from my worst nightmares

They proclaimed new legislation
Of stupidity every day
“Degradation Celebration”
Was their favorite hottest play

I was fighting my own demons
I knew nothing of before
Tangled in the goofy ribbons
Being tossed across dance floor

Years passed, I still remember
That blashing look on their king’s face
When he exposed his tiny "member"
To the Court, with a royal grace

I still keep their twisted mirror
Endless mad reflections glass
To replicate my hidden fear
Of my own demonic buzz